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Client Testimonials

  1. I was very impressed with Nikole. We had our interview meeting and we just clicked. She was able to answer all my questions that I had during my pregnancy or calm my worries about all that was to come. She was vey quick to respond to my text or phone calls no matter the time. When we had our other prenatal meetings, she spent ample time with me to help me and my husband learn different techniques that would help me during the labor and delivery process. With my previous childbirths I went the medical intervention route and with this one I wanted to experiece the natural route. She was very enouraging and gave me the confidence that I needed to trust that I could have a natural childbirth. During my labor she remained calm and helpful and would give me words of encouragment that helped me get through my contractions. We tried different methods to cope with my contractions and she was in tune with what I wanted or needed at that moment. This childbirth was such a wonderful experience and I owe part of it to Nikole. I am so glad that I went the natural route and hired Nikole to be my doula. I would recommend her to any of my friends.
  2. Nikole was an amazing support for the birth of my third child! With her help, along with the other members of my wonderful birth team, I had my most calm, relaxed birth yet. Nikole was quick to offer her help before and after my birth with a variety of needs I did not realize I would have. Throughout my labor, she softly spoke kind, encouraging words to me and my family. Some of her most helpful moments: When my son entered our bedroom in the middle of the night she quietly and happily told him "Your mommy's in labor," and then let my husband put him back to bed. Later, en route to the hospital, Nikole sat silently beside me in the back of our van and used her rebozo scarf to shield my eyes from the bright morning sun. She only spoke once to say "I can see the hospital." This was music to my ears, as I was ready to deliver our son! She took many wonderful pictures during the delivery that we will always treasure (and not be posting on social media - ha)! I had a great recovery but about 6 weeks postpartum I developed a bad case of mastitis. While gathering medicine and supplies for me, my husband ran into Nikole at the grocery store and she offered to come stay in our home to help me with the baby while I was sick. I can say so many other positive things about this woman and about the support of a doula in labor but you have to try it for yourself - especially before the word gets out about what great work she does! There is nothing quite like women helping other women through this miraculous event. Nikole is a knowledgeable, gentle spirit with a servant heart - all the ingredients for a great doula. Thank you, Nikole, for a great experience!
  3. Nikole Criswell was my doula through my birth experience last week from Aug. 30-31. For the most part of 28 hours, she stood by my side, guiding me through. She, along with my amazing doctor, gave me confidence about my body and what it can do when I absolutely had zero confidence in myself. I got the VBAC I'd been wanting and I give my thanks to her and my doctor. Even before my son's birth, she was there for any questions or concerns I had. When making my decision for a doula, she remained professional and was never pushy which was an overall deciding factor for me. I will highly recommend Nikole to anyone in search of a doula in the Montgomery area, and I hope she soars with her endeavors! She really does a wonderful job and cares about her clients far beyond what's expected of her.
  4. Dedicated to the craft of doulaing. Love.doula is a sweet and caring momma.
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